Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update and Flute pics....

Hi Guys,

First of all thank you very much for all support!! I am receiving many e-mails and comments in the blog from some great folks willing to somehow support the project.

We are at full speed and as soon we need any support we will be contacting your. My apologies if I haven't contact you yet because I have been quite busy these days.

Please add me on twitter and we can keep contact. http://twitter.com/jvelosojunior

As I mentioned before I printed a nice flute... and it works !!!!! I will post a video with my friend Tiago playing it soon... (unfortunately I can't play)

BTW, I will try to answer some questions by these weekend that are in the comments.



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick update....

Hi Guys,

I have few news:

1) I am currently preparing the material (videos, pics...) for the crowd-sourcing.

2) As Kickstarter is just available for US based person, I will be using http://www.indiegogo.com
I will send the link as soon I prepare the project. Within 2 weeks.

3) I already have an idea about when the kits will be available - I believe I will need 4-6 months after funding to complete the project. This means by end of this year but the plans will be released before that.

4) The crowd-funding money will be used for:
a) Improve and reduce the cost of the resins
b) Improve software
c) Improve and reduce the cost of electronics
d) Create molds for the injected parts (reduce the cost and avoid CNC work at home - some people may do it by themselves)

I hope we can create huge 3D Printer community and bring this technology to everyone...

BTW, I can't stop printing... you get addicted when you start printing.... :-)
I will post some pics tomorrow..



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alien Skull - By Avinash Hegde

Hi Guys,

I have just printed a amazing digital sculpture from Avi. He is a great artist and you can check his collection at http://aysculpture.deviantart.com/.

Please check the resuls.... the first image is from the 3D Software that Avi uses.

Thanks Avi, hope you like it!!!



Click on the images to see the details....

About the Project

I have been dreaming about having a 3D Printer at home for many years, but the ones with good quality are not affordable and the low costs just deliver poor quality. Sounds crazy but I decided to build a high resolution 3D Printer by myself at home (people actually said that I was crazy and this was impossible). The funny thing I never saw this type of machines in real life, and still haven’t seen one besides the one I built.

Now that I succeed building the first prototype, the target is to bring this low cost 3D Printer to every home, so we are developing the first affordable one with high resolution.

I hope you enjoy our blog, follow us and you can have this printer in your home soon.