Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi Guys,

Sorry for taking too long to post something and answer some comments, I have been quite busy at work...

Right now there are two main issues in the printer:

1) The Teflon glass arrived and didn't work... :(
The main reason is that the coated Teflon is not opaque and the surface is irregular.
Still working to find a solution soon because the workaround of using Teflon and tape reduces a lot the quality. Additionally the process fail sometimes when the tape does not hold the Teflon... terrible

2) The resin is too sticky after printing and requires a complex post curing process, including chemical baths and sun bath. I am right now looking for some alternatives.

I will post some more details soon and answer the comments.



About the Project

I have been dreaming about having a 3D Printer at home for many years, but the ones with good quality are not affordable and the low costs just deliver poor quality. Sounds crazy but I decided to build a high resolution 3D Printer by myself at home (people actually said that I was crazy and this was impossible). The funny thing I never saw this type of machines in real life, and still haven’t seen one besides the one I built.

Now that I succeed building the first prototype, the target is to bring this low cost 3D Printer to every home, so we are developing the first affordable one with high resolution.

I hope you enjoy our blog, follow us and you can have this printer in your home soon.