Thursday, May 10, 2012

The good looking kit...

What are the pros and cons of your machine?

Hi Guys,

Since I created the blog I knew that a lot people would be working in similar project and many of them would create a printer or kit. I think this is great because our project has inspired some other people.

I also knew that the mechanical design in this machine will be something that a lot of people will copy, modify, improve…. That’s the reason we:

-    Focus a lot on software as we believe it can be used with any kit.
-    Will provide the mechanical design details once we reach the goal. We don’t expect that this will be private after the campaign as things will be mainly available on internet.

So, what are the pos and cons of our project?

-    Software – we have the best software at affordable price, there is nothing similar in the market that can create the support and print. There are few open source slice STL, this is easy, the complex thing that no open source has is the ability to create the support automatically for the object. And none of open source software has a 3D graphical interface.

-    Controller board – our controller board control 100% of the printer, including VGA input for the projector and motors. Most of people working on similar kits are using the VGA output from the notebook to display the image. This means that you cannot do anything on your computer while you are printing because your monitor will be “busy” for the printer.

-    So, you just need one USB cable out of computer to control the machine

-    We have very few moving parts, which allow us to have very thin wall thickness, around 300 microns. This is very important if you want to print small objects and hollow ones.

-    We are using reliable linear actuator which provides better precision on Z axis.


-    We are not a open source kit (electronics and software)



About the Project

I have been dreaming about having a 3D Printer at home for many years, but the ones with good quality are not affordable and the low costs just deliver poor quality. Sounds crazy but I decided to build a high resolution 3D Printer by myself at home (people actually said that I was crazy and this was impossible). The funny thing I never saw this type of machines in real life, and still haven’t seen one besides the one I built.

Now that I succeed building the first prototype, the target is to bring this low cost 3D Printer to every home, so we are developing the first affordable one with high resolution.

I hope you enjoy our blog, follow us and you can have this printer in your home soon.