Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Video - Youtube - Printing Alien Skull

Hi Guys,

We prepared a new video for you... I hope you like it as much we enjoy preparing it.

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  1. great job and interesting video
    can we change support material setting

  2. Great Job !
    How about printing a Wax Model for lost wax casting ?

  3. How to learn when printer sales will begin?
    I am in Russia, transfer in the form of the kit set is possible?

  4. Absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the kits :D

  5. You should really put 10X speed or 20X speen on the video. Because you don't want to mislead people who don't know how long it actually takes to print.

  6. A question for your next FAQ, how is the resin material handled between printing sessions? Does it stay in a liquid form? Can unused resin be reused?
    How easy is it to clean and maintain the printer?
    Is the resin a two part mixture?
    Thanks and good job.

  7. Hello and compliments! This video is amazing! Incredible work, man! Keep it so great...

  8. Another vote to show us a lost waxing example!

  9. Hi great job.
    I am interesting for the machine, is the quality the same as the perfactory machine?

  10. How can we unite to purchase mass resin to lower price?
    Is the kit going to be available before december?
    is it possible to make it bigger?
    What speed does it take to 3d and image like that skull?
    How tall can a piece be?
    Cheers, great work.

  11. In the software, it is probable to change a thickness of a layer (25micron) for reception of the best surface or the fast print?

  12. hi
    I'm interested in participating in the preorder of the printer, software and the resin. please contact me. thanks.

  13. any idea about the price of whole kit
    i need a target to start collect money

  14. Hi!Junior, Thank you for your effort to offer us this machine at an "affordable" price, but you've mentioned a commercial version of USD25,000 I wonder how much you would charge for your invention.
    2. Maintenance is another issue, guess some of us are not technicians or engineers.
    3. Is the resin compound(lox-wax type) hazardous? Is it ok to be imported by individuals?

  15. It's the resin pintable??
    Can be use the printer to make molds to put normal bi-component resin to cure?

  16. Hello Junior. Im interested in your 3d printer and your software. i have a cnc machine and would like to minimize cost by doing the parts here. Also want to make your 3d printer a bit bigger, can that be done? I know my making it bigger i will encounter a few stones on the road,but im willing to give it a try. Thanks for your awesome work :) its really sharp lets unite and buy bulk resin!! you can contact me via email at, thanks and have a good day Junior.
    Keep on the good work!

  17. To FAQ:

    How the resin react once it is printed?
    Is it stable to temperatures range, lets say from -30º to 120º?


  18. Just another waiting to get purchase information. Hungry to print in 3D with detail.

  19. Cool DIY machine! Hope to have one soon so I can make my airplane model pilots and sail ship model pirates!

  20. I was wondering what type of plastic are you using and how much does it cost...

  21. Nice post.I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up

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