Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ferdinand von Zeppelin sculpture + FAQ

Hi Guys,

First of all, really thank you for all support!!!

This is a amazing digital sculpture tom Alex Neto... check out his website:

FAQ 3 – My apologies if I miss some questions…

Q: Is suction effect a problem that limits the size that can be printed?

A: Suction + object weight could be a problem but there are many ways to solve it by hollowing the objects and creating some tiny holes to avoid the suction.

Q: Can I build my own printer and buy just the software?

A: Yes, you can buy just software or parts of the printer; this is the cool thing about the kit.

Q: Are the resins dangerous for health?

A: Not really if you take proper cautions to handle the uncured resin, such as gloves, not drink, etc.

The cured resin is safe and you can handle as plastic toy.

Q: Can I use LCD projector?

A: Haven’t tested.

Q: Why not build and ship full printers?

A: Still evaluating this option also

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  1. Nice, but doesn´t really show of the possible detail.

    So, if we go the DIY route and buy just the kit, will the parts we have to make ourselves be commonly available and easy to put together?

    Very excited about this project and can´t wait to have one, but I feel it´s all a bit obscure on the info side.

    What about the materials, will we mix commonly available components as per your formula or will we need to buy them from you?

    Just curious ;-)

  2. Are the lines on the model a part of the model itself? Or stepping? Thanks for another update! I always look forward to them :)

  3. So excited about this, can't wait to purchase a kit and build one -- wOOt!

  4. Really looking forward to building one of these, can't wait for the parts to become available!

  5. Can you provide a basic list of parts and what kind of DLP projector will be used? Also if you can tell us if we will purchase the resin from you or be able to use off the shelf resin and the cost of the software. As others have noted, so far the project is very light on technical details and basic cost structures.

  6. Can you make one photo with ruler or something we could compare in size with the sculpture? I find it rather difficult to imagine these details.

  7. Will this be availbale in the next 2 months - as I am just about to make a purchase.


  8. I am very excited about this project. Is there any guess on final costs? Can I just pay you for one? hahaha. I can't wait for this!!!!! Please keep us updated.

  9. A few of your earlier posts show a 50 micron layer thickness. Will it be possible to print with a smaller layer?

  10. How do you plan to control the Z-axis?
    Through a printer port or via USB?

  11. Is it possible to purchase your software?

  12. I just wanted to say that it's an awesome idea using the projector. I hope the kit developing process will not take much longer since I hardly can't wait to get my hands onto one of these...

    Kind regards


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