Monday, April 2, 2012

Indiegogo campaign is live!!!!

Hi Guys,

We are glad to inform that our Indiegogo campaign for the project is live, please find the link below:

Thank you very much for your support.



  1. Congratulations!!

    You are still missing the cost per cubic cm or inch of a printed part, please include this crucial information.

    Listing the cost for a Kg of material, is puzzling, as it could be very light material or very heavy.


  2. thankyou~~~
    this is a really good news
    you made it~~~~

  3. Hi Junior,

    we are a small company that is looking for a good quality 3D printer.

    Could we send you some STL files to see how they come out on your printer?

    If oke we'll certainly make a contribution to the indiegogo campaign.

    You can reach us at



  4. Heya, great job on the project thus far.
    One of the things that I'd like to know is how strong does the DLP projector needs to be to cure the resin (in Lumens) there are a few cheap knockoff DLP projectors with decent resolution for sale with output of around 18-150 Lumens, would that be enough?


  5. A great post with out doubt. The information shared is of top quality which has to get appreciated at all levels. Well done keep up the good work.printing services

  6. Hi,
    I was wondering what happens if the goal amount is not reached?

  7. I'm afraid you will not reach the goal, but I want and many others that you build this kit, so will you do it anyway ??
    I hope so !! good luck


About the Project

I have been dreaming about having a 3D Printer at home for many years, but the ones with good quality are not affordable and the low costs just deliver poor quality. Sounds crazy but I decided to build a high resolution 3D Printer by myself at home (people actually said that I was crazy and this was impossible). The funny thing I never saw this type of machines in real life, and still haven’t seen one besides the one I built.

Now that I succeed building the first prototype, the target is to bring this low cost 3D Printer to every home, so we are developing the first affordable one with high resolution.

I hope you enjoy our blog, follow us and you can have this printer in your home soon.